Boy Bjorn – Lungs

Nick Drake, Alexi Murdoch, Ben Gibbard? This is Brian Holl, a.k.a. Boy Bjorn.

Photo by Kate Holl

What if, all of the sudden, comes a singer that reminds you some of the best singer-songwriters you ever listened to? Nick Drake, Alexi Murdoch, Ben Gibbard. All of them merged into a new act? Boy Bjorn is the musical alter-ego of Brian Holl, a 25 year-old also know as half of the Foreign Fields. He is that act. And his latest track is the listening proof of this bold description.

But wait, before we get to Lungs, we need to talk briefly about the previous two efforts. You see, they aren’t short of magical misty vibes either. Ballad Unknown introduces Boy Bjorn in a gentle almost shy way. A song that grows from the start. A growth we can’t almost notice. A song that works out as a proper credits introduction for a new musical take. Full of gorgeous details and of an immense simplicity. Almost likewise, Gunpoint proceeds that emotional prelude, takes it a little further. But does not take the mystery away. A bit like that good old Transatlanticism.

And just like that we get to the true revealer – Lungs. Remember the bold introduction? Hit play and feel Nick Drake’s soul in this. Instrumentally rich, in a way it takes some contemplation to notice. Lungs sounds like a gentle train of heart and brains. All a board, alongside sensibility. Pushing forward just at a natural pace. No forcing beyond. Transcendently and tenderly perfect.

This is Boy Bjorn:

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