Luke De-Sciscio – Jessica

Try not to be consumed by Jessica, this 8 minute long acoustic heart-spread storytelling song.

Photo by Alice Claire
Luke De-Sciscio Jessica Meeting Of the Day WtMM

For us a song is as good as the amount of times you can listen to it. The amount of times you can focus on each and every single detail of it. Or the amount of situations you can identify or appropriate its meaning. Luke De-Sciscio latest song Jessica, is a great song, from every single one of these patterns. The born and raised in the countryside of Wiltshire, and later relocated to a Bath’ canal boat, certainly knows how to put his feelings into a song.

Jessica is in fact the exception to the rule we have for posting or writing about a song. It offers few variations on its structure, follows a story-telling structure that could be described as rather flat. But there is nothing flat about it. This is a song that could never end, and we would still not change it, skip it, or love it less. A song that transmits so much honesty and heart-improvisation (which sometimes can be called love) that is impossible no to be consumed about it. But consumed in a good way. Like a devotion. And even though Jessica seems to have been written about a particular person, or about making truces with the past. It sounds above all like an honest self-calling. An exercise of sincerity and gratitude.

For me (José) personally, Jessica is the best storytelling song of the year. Here are 7 minutes and 55 seconds of why:

You can follow Luke new releases and explore more about his 2017 entirely improvised EP Moonraker, in the links bellow:

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P.S. We would like to congratulate Rosa for finishing her Master’s. We know you love the headphones on the top. So, this one is for you.