[TGIF] Victim Pulses

From all the weekend playlists we have ever written about, this one is without a doubt the best. Eight songs, eight wonders.

TGIF Victim Pulses WtMM

Thank God It’s Friday! Well not really, we know, but we swear this one is worth the wait. Without many words, this is the best weekend selection we have ever posted about. Eight great songs released this week that could directly enter a 2017 top release list. Enjoy!

Amaroun – Bed Bugs

In the beginning of the year we introduced Amaroun first singles as “amazingly simple, simply powerful”. Several days ago she released a new single entitled Bed Bugs. This is a powerful continuity to her very different mix of cultures and how those translate into a song. It perfectly integrates tender vocals with several layers of guitars and almost unconventional options. Another truly remarkable effort that each time hits the chorus smells like a born talent.

Janileigh Cohen – Same Old Road

Last month we were mesmerised with Janileigh Cohen song Sister. This week we continue to be with her newest song Same Old Road. Mainly because everything about it sounds peaceful, nostalgic and inspiring. But also because of the way she works her voice into beautiful melodies that sound effortless or just as natural as the weather. This is a another gorgeous merge of a simple folk-classic piano with genuine vocals and heartfelt lyrics. “If you ever feel that you are alone, don’t cover up your heart with stone”. She sings. Just listen to Janileigh Cohen. That’s our advise.

Mines Falls – My New House

Giving continuity to the sensible place where your heart could have reached with the previous song, we have Mines Falls debut. My New House grabs the complex simplicity of Band of Horses instrumental construction, and gives it a new voice. These band of brothers have written a true indie ballad for a debut, probably without knowing how much good they are making to the World. Vocals are spot-on great, honest, raw and echoing. They sound like a classical instrument in a post-rock song. And everything sounds beautiful and simply fulfilling.

Maria Kelly – Hollow

Proceeding with overwhelming and melancholic musical odes, the Irish Maria Kelly just released a new single. Hollow is gently evolving, instrumentally very rich (with violins and all), and vocally a diamond. The song that talks about dealing with disappointment communicating with a loved one, is in itself a push out of that state. Resembling those rich compositions from Daughter, this is an honest calling to one-self. And that clearly shows on the emotional tips of a gorgeous and delicate voice such as Maria’s. And as the song evolves until the end we feel embraced by her and by her delicate strength and poetic vocals.

Veronica Bianqui – Victim

Veronica Bianqui is a singer song-writer born and raised in Los Angeles and whose love for the acoustic guitar took her sometime until she discovered she was born for the electric. Her latest song Victim was released more than one month ago but we feel almost ashamed that only now we got to hear it. Fortunately the video was released today. This is a track that expunges Veronica’s frustration with loosing a sister to drug addiction and which might very well be the most bad-ass and good-sounding indie-rock hymn to the matter. The way she merges an almost classical rock-vocals to a pungent electrical chorus makes head-bang every time. This is the living proof rock can be sentimental, beautiful, powerful and freaking epic, at the same time.

Champyons – Maria-Luiza

New York – Berlin based trio Champyons are known for vocal sampling and modelling almost all instruments in their songs. But if they had not told us that, we would not notice. Their newest song Maria-Luiza is a short pop-rock bomb that uses that same recipe to blow our mind up. Working as a caricature of more classic rock but performed with their vocals instead of the more classical instruments, it works great in every single perspective. And is above all, and without any irony, a great great indie rock song. Oh and the video clip recorded on a super 8 film is the cherry on the top.

Rattlerete – Here Be Dragons

Out of nowhere (or to be more precise Los Angeles) comes Rattlerete and their second song Here Be Dragons. This still very misterious project sounds like a very matured set of song-makers. If In the Black sounded a lot like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, this new track approximates to an act from Arctic Monkeys. The beautiful background and high toned piano keys, the Americana guitar riffs, and a very rocky vocal. Everything seems and sounds strongly and consistently put together to offer a grateful and a lot danceable musical product. No-brainer really.

Galapaghost – Pulse

The greatest thing about Friday has grown to be this collection of releases. But probably none had such a great song to end it with. Galapaghost newest release the dark Pulse is so good it can consume a person. Casei Chandler who opened for John Grant for 6 months back in 2010 might indeed have learned how to write great songs about letting it all out. The haunting dark flow based on a simple (but so difficult to achieve) drum-guitar combination is insanely good. And manages to submerse our senses into the song spirit from the first moment. The vocals are melodic, pacy and clear. The lyrics come out in a natural manner. Everything is so perfectly well mixed together that almost sound like one single instrument. And the song builds up its power from start to end. Even when we think it is not possible to get more into it, we do. Fucking brilliant. Oh the album comes out early next year (January 12th). Let’s not miss that.

Hope you enjoy this ridiculously good selection. We did.

Have a nice weekend!