[PREMIERE] Julianna Zachariou – Things I’ll Never Know

Julianna Zachariou's Things I'll Never Know exudes such groovy femininity it will hook you up right in the first second!

Illustration credit to Melissa Alvey
Julianna Zachariou Things Ill Never Know

Julianna Zachariou is an independent indie singer songwriter from Nashville who is on the verge of releasing her full length album Meanwhile on December 1st. This album follows her Away From Home self-produced E.P.. Things I’ll Never Know is the first release of Meanwhile and will be out on all platforms tomorrow (November 17th).

[su_quote cite=”Julianna Zachariou”]This song is written in the middle of that moment when you see somebody you used to know everything about (…) and it hits you that you don’t know any of that anymore. And not only do you not know it anymore, but somebody else does. And it knocks the wind out of you. It also explores the frustration of still feeling connected to that person even though all the details of their life are out of reach, which is a particularly isolated place to be living.[/su_quote]

Things I’ll Never Know is such a delight to listen to.
It feels like a modern take on Bossa Nova and Jazz. In fact, our first impression was how similar (yet so distant) of Nouvelle Vague it sounded. Not like something they’ve done before, but as something that could be theirs. Luckily for us, it isn’t. It’s Julianna’s! And we love having “discovered” her. She has such a fresh vulnerability, such a seductive way of singing, such groovy femininity! At bits, the chorus also sounds like Feist. Especially in the way she echoes her own voice giving us an increased sensibility. And the track varies so much during its three and a half minutes that it is impossible to predict every turn it takes, in such a way that after many plays we are still discovering some hidden touches or subtle layers of sound.

[su_quote cite=”Julianna Zachariou”]I am such a jazz junky, so something like this was bound to flow out of my finger tips and I’m glad it did. It is definitely one of my favorite songs I’ve ever put together.[/su_quote]


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