A Little Nothing – Nobody

Nobody is a piece of folk and pop merged into a masterful catchy song.

Photo by Frank Bohne
A Little Nothing Nobody WtMM

“I’m Mike from Jena in Germany. A Little Nothing is my solo project where every song is being recorded in my bedroom and is DIY from start to finish”. This is how Little Nothing introduced himself to us. Cut to the short, right to what matters. With this introductory note came Nobody. That means, a song. His new song.

But first things first. Little Nothing started about 6 years ago with the single Start (makes sense right?). Then he released his debut EP Dm. And later a full album entitled Crimson. But was only later. With the The National-sounding Home and especially with Into Waves he started getting more attention. The latter was an unordinary approach to indie-rock using some distortion to approximate his vocals to a sort of an Indian sounding flow. One that worked like charm getting him 3 million plays on Spotify. Still we were not one of them. Until today.

After these the basis was set for some great releases. Nobody (released today) is the third single since, and for us, A Little Nothing’s best song to date. Starting off with a-capela vocals and minimal but efficient clapping and piano riffs, it definitely sets up the right mood. Reaching the chorus before the 1 minute mark, it presents a very very catchy construction that merges folk, indie-rock and pop. Two layers of his vocals are enough to create a sort of direct connection to our brain. The song follows a circular structure with short periods to the chorus, but works like charm every time. And the trumpets in the background are just another masterful add-on. Ends up high, as it begun, never dropping for even a bit. If this is just another experience from Mike DIY repertoire, we are a sold.

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