Brave Baby – Soothsayer

Brave Baby's latest song could easily be called smooth slayer. This is a great song.

Brave Baby Soothsayer WtMM Meeting of the Day

Brave Baby launched their debut album Forty Bells about five years ago. Since then, they remained a must in South Carolina. After 3 years they released a second album entitled Electric Friends which gave them some festival appearences and features of the lead single Plastic Skateboard in the OST of some well-known drama series. However in all these five years they kept it cool, and never rushed their sound. Their newest single Soothsayer comes as a matured reflection of that.

Starting of with some cool guitar riffs and a very relaxed drum, the song builds the ideal platform for the vocals. When these come in, everything makes sense. And is not common the song where everything makes sense past a mere thirty seconds. This sort of familiar but swing-ish voice becomes the focus of the song since the chorus hits. This is a song sung from the heart and from that nostalgic place we attribute to the music we listened when growing up. This is a song that not only comforts us but also brings out the best in our soul. 80’s influenced and perfect to listen while driving, dreaming and loving. Soothsayer could be called smooth slayer. And the song video makes it justice too, just watch.

While we keep hitting the replay button on this, we anticipate it can reach our top 25 songs of the year to be revealed next month. Honest, clear, brutal and powerful. We can’t get out of superlatives to describe it either.

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