Edwin – Uncontrollable Pride

Edwin newest EP is an unmissable and welcoming addition to 2017, and an hell of a record to be proud of.

Edwin Uncontrollable Pride WtMM

Looking for the perfect indie-rock flow to kick start the week? You might very well be looking for Edwin. With George Harrison and Michael Kiwanuka serving as their main references, these guys from Chicago sing about living side by side with the devil, but their sound exudes some very friendly vibes.

Having released a debut EP two years ago they know said to have found a new love for music while recording a new EP. You Have No Idea, Man was produced with the help of the one and only S.Carey, and is one hell of an extended play. And everything starts with an Uncontrollable Pride. Makes sense. This is a rare indie-rock composition that truly reflects honest song-writing and genuine singing. Something we see less and less in todays’ electronic-easy building-track-world. Their pride brings back some of that consuming lyrical-rock we used to listen with the great early 00’s bands like Travis, Stereophonics or even the older Manic Street Preachers. Uncontrollable Pride is a song out of its time, and a very welcome contribution to 2017. Oh, and yes, this guitar is pure magical stuff.

But Edwin’s return to song-making is not just made of pride. Let’s Both Agree is of the same fibre but sounds more story-telling. With a beautiful circular structure, the layers added from start to almost the middle of the song are really good. But is when everything comes down to a delicate simplicity based on the vocal-guitar dichotomy that the song truly shines. Like the proper love song that it is.

Waiting is less paced and almost melancholic. Once again showcases a deep voice that can truly sing to the heart, and a guitar that continues to go to unexpected places. The song construction is honest, raw but also complex. We can even hear Justin Vernon singing this one, in his natural voice. And yes, that is the most ridiculous complement we can give to anyone.

I’ve Only Gone is the most basic song of the four, and also the one that sounds more classic (George Harrison truly makes sense now). But don’t get it wrong. This is another great song that once again showcases Edwin raw honesty to write great indie songs. The vocal choirs are crazy good-sounding, the guitar-piano melodies are super-relaxing. And the song variations pretty unexpected and in a way pretty addictive. Lyonard Skynyrd, is that you?

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