[TGIF] Keys To Habit

Eight great songs for a great weekend. These are what new music is all about.

Keys to Habit TGIF WtMM

Thank God It’s Friday! And this one is the real deal. Today we are stocked about all the great songs we’ve listened throughout this week. And for that reason we wanted to bring you a special and extended selection. We present eight songs that spam from beautiful inspiring songwriting, to folk, americana, pop-rock, indie-rock and rap. Introduce 6 new projects and their debut tracks. And bring you all the possible tastes of a great indie Friday. So, let’s do this.


Tesse – I’ll Tell You In the Morning

With a beginning that reminds us of Feist simple but magic compositions, Tesse – Sidney’s own Tom Stephens collaborative project – debuts their first ever track I’ll Tell You In The Morning. That echoing guitar, and nostalgic piano, soon gets the company of a James Taylor-like voice singing about the specificities of an unstable relationship. At the middle of the song the cadence gets more pacy. A necessary little twist that adds to the song an almost danceable bit. This is a beautiful lesson on how to compose an indie song. All elements are perfectly alined in a track in which is easy to dive into. A song that truly transports the listener to the interpreter story-telling. Tesse are set to release their debut album – How It All Unfolds – next year.

The Simple Venture – Force of Habit

Not many new projects can proud themselves of having a War on Drugs feeling in the first minute of a debut song. Simple Venture can. This Danish duo are set to build a career with a beautiful atmospheric and psychedelic influence and their first ever song entitle Force of Habit is the perfect showcase of that. Being a song about trying to move on, it also sounds rich, super involving and very matured. The vocal melodies are probably what best distinguishes them from other alike acts. While the introduction of almost every Americana instrument in gentle background layers constitutes a true act of greatness. And yes, you read well, they are Danish.

Akello G Light – The Key To Both Doors

The Key to Both Doors is textbook cosmic deephouse that chill you completely out. According to the artist’s BandCamp: “Akello G. Light is an international magical school teacher drinking herbal tea, burning spiritual incenses, and taking nootropics/ herbal remedies when creating laid-back/chill-out instrumentals with esoteric lyrics.” The powerful beat fills your body and the lyrics fill your soul. You get immersed in this 2:13 minutes track and the moment freezes. It’s the time to enjoy music and nothing else. Only relaxing and getting in touch with the inner you.

FYOHNA –  Called It Love

FYOHNA is an American duo comprised of Katarina Gleicher and producer Elliot Glasser that fits right in the core sonority of indietronica. There is notorious a bedroom pop influence throughout this single with the slowed vocals and the chill electronics. Katarina’s voice is heaven for this type of music, seductive and persuasive. You fall completely into what she’s singing, and feel the way she tells you to feel. Called it Love empowers you to find inner strength and pull through whatever difficult situation might be in your hands. So, do enjoy this electro-indie act and move on.


Danish act MALMØ, might have released their debut single almost two weeks ago, but only now we could put our hands and mind at it. We did it in the beginning of the week, and we’ve not been capable of letting go since. You introduces a very hard to forget and balsamic voice (Maria Malmø). That’s the first fact about it. The second is that this is a beautiful, romantic and honest song about loving someone. It sounds like a mixture of Oh Land genuineness with Agnes Obel touch, enhanced by passion and bits of impossible to explain depth. Yeah, that describes it more or less. So good.

Young Mister – Imaginary Lines

Steven Fiore is the name of the singer songwriter behind the indie-folk project Young Mister. His latest single Imaginary Lines was released 4 days ago and is a true ode to the simplest but also richest way of composing great songs. A song that starts of with a classic feeling with an acoustic guitar accompanying some pungent vocals. Those vocals that soon create a sort of special home inside the listener head. Steven’ vocals are so good he seems to singing a story that enters directly in that mind-space we like to call home. And indeed it looks like an ambitious start to a career, one which sounds as good as a Ryan Adams song. Imaginary Lines is part of the debut EP Soft Rock, one we recommend every indie-folk fan to consume abundantly.

Hi-Lo Jack – So It Goes

OK this is a special one. Hi-Lo Jack is a collaborative project that defies music boundaries, even if not intentionally. Three individuals part of other already established indie projects (Dolapo Akinkugbe a.k.a. DAP The Contract, Cody Fitzgerald from Stolen Jars and Clyde Lawrence from Lawrence) created a sonority that is both rare, engaging and eclectic. Resulting in a mix between soul-pop, indie-rock and rap. So It Goes is one of the first songs to be released. A perfect showcase of talent and taste. One that works in a way we can’t almost describe. But don’t doubt almost everyone with a pair of ears will like, dance or inspire. Why? It starts with an epic rap, follows with a pop melodic voice that makes us wanna be better persons, and extends to some beautifully constructed indie-rock chorus. Then, it repeats, changes, adds trumpets, pianos and guitars. And mixes everything back again. Sounds and feels really good.

Alex Bloom – Sunrise

Finishing up this awesome Friday selection we have Alex Bloom debut single Sunrise. This is a psychedelic pop hymn which is ambitious in the way it keeps to its guns, and has no fear in showcasing a great indie singer. Alex’s voice is a breath of fresh air in the industry and at the same time brings back some sixties nostalgy. It brings back the notion that songs can be simple and straightforward. Or can be about singing the message like your life depends on it. Like two minutes could be enough to reach indie heaven.

See you next week.
WtMM Team