[PREMIERE] Rain On Monday – Hiding Places

The second track released by Raimond Nurmilampi's project is another great fusion between those 80's feelings and very well constructed pop-folk elements.

We introduced Rain On Monday about 3 months ago when he released his marvellous debut single Kill My Love. At that time we said it was the kind of debut that makes one completely obsessed about a new musician. And by that we meant we were obsessed with it. We played that song so many times that now it seems a song we’ve known for ages. While we still keep listening to it.

Well today, Rain On Monday releases his second single. Entitled Hiding Places, this is a song that pushes forward what we felt as a mix between 80’s feelings and pop-folk elements. Those feelings are confirmed in the first seconds of the song when a Stranger Things OST like background starts the song on the right feet. Or when Raimond starts singing and that half-whisper half-singing voice is still there (thank God). Hiding Places is not better than Kill My Love but is for sure a great second song that further builds the huge momentum around Rain On Monday composing capabilities. No hiding places for his talent. We are hooked once again.


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