Victor Furbacken – The River

Let your mind float around in Victor Furbacken's acoustic and powerful composition.

Victor Furbacken The River WtMM New Secret

Victor Furbacken is a Sweedish singer-songriter who gained some national notoriety with his debut EP In The Rain. Focusing on a very simplistic, classic but heart-felt acoustic approach, he mixes elements of indie-pop with Americana and bits of folk.

The River, his new release, picks-up from that base, but manages to push it further. This is the kind of song that seems built by a predestined songwriter. And which is impossible to detach from the performer charisma. A song which main quality is in the way its counter-expansive singing and introspective flow can immediately draw ones attention, and work as the perfect soundtrack for an indie meditation. The guitar serves as the starting point, but Victor’s voice soon takes the headlights. So simple it hurts, dedicated and incisive, with a repetitive structured that can play forever without sounding tiring. If not for Victor’s vocal efforts, for an acoustic guitar which only variations form an unexpected overwhelming flow.

The River is the first advance of Victor Furbacken second EP coming up next month. The EP should also include the more story-telling sounding Somebody Help, and the changing and expansive Brew, two songs already pre-released which further showcase his songwriting range. And if by any chance you get to see him live, it is said he is the real deal.