Good Strangers – Throwing Knives in the Dark

Good Strangers' Throwing Knives in the Dark is about being confronted with your own flaws and highlights the darker side of love.

Good Strangers Throwing Knives in the Dark

Good Strangers is a indie rock irish independent band (quite the mouthful). Good Strangers formed early 2017 with Conor Quinn on vocals and keys, Kevin Farrell on guitar, Liam O’Reilly on bass and Brian Masterson on beats and percussion.

Their latest single is Throwing Knives in the Dark and it was released three days ago. This single starts off with a Amber Run kind of approach. Soft vocals, smooth piano keys scattered here and there. And then they ignite the scene. There’s a subtle 80’s influence in the vocals and rhythms chosen to create this single that really sets this apart. The chorus is a powerful statement that bursts inside your head without asking permission but you allow it, because it feels good.

[su_quote cite=”Connor Quinn (Good Strangers)”][Throwing Knives in the Dark is] based on an argument between a couple where things are said to one other in a heated drunken exchange that probably have been boiling up for a while and each individual is forced to take a look at themselves and realise that the relationship has tilted in some way and both most ultimately try and reconcile and return to how things were in the beginning, to a happier period.[/su_quote]

The video for the single is very personal for some members of the band as they sadly lost some family members during this year. It shows a woman dealing with the different stages of grief, which pretty much sum up all main human emotions, dark and light. It was brilliantly planned and executed. We are big fans of these well thought and well carried concepts.

[su_quote cite=”Connor Quinn (Good Strangers)”]In the video we wanted to portray this idea of raw human emotions, and to show how love can make you face your inner most demons and how you sometimes you are forced to face the darker aspects of human nature. [/su_quote]

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