Ry Jones – City Lights // Paper Weight // Wherebouts

Ry Jones is debuting the music industry with a triple t(h)reat.

Ry Jones City Light Wherebouts Paper Weight

This is your chance to “like” a brand new artist that has just surfaced. Ry Jones had his triple debut and we want you to listen to these tracks while they’re still fresh out from the oven. Ry is a 19 year old from Seattle who is living in London since two years ago, and music is his thing. City Lights, Paper Weight and Wherebouts are the three introducing singles of this new artist and they are quite a bold statement.

[su_quote cite=”Ry Jones”]I’ve been working on an authentic sound these past couple years and finally feeling like I’m getting close.[/su_quote]

City Lights is the first track we’ve heard from him and we fell immediately for him. The almost spoken (melodic) word style suits perfectly with that shy guitar doing its thing on the background. There’s a melancholic-tropical feel to this tune, like if Jason Mraz met Norah Jones and composed together. Weird way to describe this, but I mean it in the most complimentary way possible. Oh, and the final saxophone just makes everything shine even brighter.

Paper Weight starts off deliciously with an innocent throat clearing and a booty readjusting on the seat (I think). And then? We get flooded with that raspy voice of Ry’s. This single is a bit more on the hip-hop side of genres comparing to the last one. There is something of Terrence Ryan (we talk about him here, here and here) in Paper Weight that really drew us in. The fast and a bit brutal lyrics catch your attention and Ry’s talent convinces you to stay.

Last but not least is Wherebouts. This one feels like the most relaxed of the three singles. The guitar and voice are in constant harmony from the first seconds, as is the piano and the soft drums. The track is an ongoing, non-stopping musical progression from beginning to end, in a sort of hymn until all the elements come together (around the two minute mark). The final minute is indie chill at its max exponent. Great, great, great way of introducing oneself as a new artist that is in for the long run.

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