[PREMIERE] COLLECTRS – Where Colours Fade

We gladly introduce the COLLECTRS and their debut indie wonder When Colours Fade.

Collectrs Where Colours Fade WtMM Premiere

We are addicts for debut impacting singles. And today we have the honour of premiering one. The song is entitled Where Colours Fade and is from the COLLECTRS an Australia-based duo which is rumoured to have been part of other well known outfits.

Where Colours Fade is first of all a beautiful combination of indie genres. What starts off with an almost acoustic approach, simple guitar chords and beautiful vocal harmonies soon evolves into something more. At around the 1.20 mark the song starts its metamorphosis by introducing a firm and deep drum base and a background post-rock piano. The harmonies evolve into haunting onomatopoeias. These never sound easy or light, but rather a melancholic dance. From halfway the song steps up to a beautiful composition that seems to involve our whole body and mind into a sort of indie yoga. It goes up until it suddenly drops into a contemplating and slow-paced lyrical ending. It ends as it starts. But in the process something in us changes. And only a great song can accomplish that. What a debut.

This is one of the 54 songs recorded by the COLLECTRS during their 69 days of winter production retreat. Songs which span over several distinct indie styles and make hard for the band to characterise their song as a specific one. Still, and according to them, it fits from ABBA to War on Drugs and from The Civil Wars to Arcade Fire. It would be a fair way of trying to do it. Where Colours Fade is officially released tomorrow (7th November).

As we wait for more singles to come out the next months, follow them on the links bellow (some only available tomorrow):
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