[TGIF] Restless Spaces

This week compilation brings songs about growth, holding on and being restless. Listen this for some musical therapy.

Thank God It’s Friday! This week fresh selection of 6 recent releases will make you forget the Autumn winding rain and make the best out of the warm jackets and safe hoods. Beginning with some catchy and positive indie-pop songs, going through some new legendary compositions and ending with two old favourites masterful new tracks. And no worries if you dance like no one’s watching.

The Accidentals – Odyssey

We are not easy to convince in what concerns indie pop songs but we can’t help to love the very good ones. The Accidentals’ Odyssey is one of those cases. A song that mixes up elements from folk (the guitar flow), americana (some vocal nuances), singer-songwriter (a very personal and close style of singing) and of course good old pop. Adding to these a graceful piano in the end. The way the track changes across its almost 4 minutes, and especially the beautiful hooks integrating all elements, is what makes of this a great song. And yes, it also sounds like the weekend, doesn’t it?

Inara George – Young Adult

There are sweet-sounding songs which are much more than that. Inara George newest song Young Adult is one of those cases. Said to be inspired by loss and how grief can change us, this is a track heavily driven by the lyrics and the perfect placement of Inara vocals. Sometimes singing, other times almost talking gently, this brings back the great songs from Kate Nash, and brings the listener closer to the song. The video portraying childhood moments builds exactly on the song’s optimism and life. Like a gentle journey of positivism.

Common Jack – Restless

We are crazy for songs which instrumentals seem to carry the vocals all the way through while these never seem to be left behind in terms of quality and reach. Common Jack newest song Restless is a folk-rock hymn with a paced composition that makes us a little obsessed. It has guitars, violins and even an americana swing, and never ever drops its cadence. He says he wrote it as a constant reminder that life is too short for self-sabotage, and it makes sense. Life is to be lived just like Restless is to heard, with no moderation.

Wake Child – Kathaleen

Danny Silberstein, Terrell Hines and Austin Max present themselves as three individuals coming together to create music only they could make together. Kathaleen is their third single and the third this year. Having previously released the great and almost romantic Black-Keys sounding Hangup Blues, and the haunting instrumentally powerful debut with In The End, expectations could not be higher. But guess what Kathaleen does not disappoint. Fired up with a perfect combination of guitars and drums that sound funky and very very danceable, the vocals are again on the spot. And it’s also in the twists that happen throughout the song – where we can also hear an a-capela effort-, they build another great song. One we can’t help to sing along after a short 2 minutes. Oh and the end combines so many recognisable and welcome twists it feels like an epic home party.

Tracy Irve – Silent Spaces

Tracy Irve repertoire is one we treasure very much. Because they conserve a raw music-making style and always sound true to their original sound. Their new song released today, Silent Spaces, also builds from all their typical musical ingredients. But adds a high-cadenced rhythm which gets closer to a song by The XX. The vocals are spot-on (as always) and the powerful simplicity of the background guitar takes the song to another level. Silent Spaces is soo good that after that wondrous twist in the end we feel almost helpless that it actually ended.

Brookfield – Something Good (Hold On)

Hold on to something good. Hold on to Brookfield new song. We could say we are surprised with this 80’s fuelled, indietronic aced and well composed track as it shifts a bit from previous efforts, but the thing is we are not. Something Good (Hold On) gets better and better the more we listen to it. And even the way it sounds more comercial can’t hide it’s raw quality and beautifully crafted melodies. We hold on to this not thinking twice.


Have a great weekend!

WtMM team.

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