[Best of October] Alexander Biggs: Still You Sharpen Your Teeth

Alexander Biggs introductory EP sounds like good times with friends. And it's the best thing we heard the whole October.

Alexander Bigg's Figure It Out interpreted by o S A P O m u d o | f r o m t h e F R O G

Every month with the help from o S A P O M u d o | f r o m t h e F R O G we select the best song of the month. The selected song is entitled to a special drawing. This month we could not select one but the series of songs released under Alexander Biggs’ newest and marvelous EP. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Entitled Still You Sharpen Your Teeth, Alexander Biggs newest EP sounds gorgeous. Like the “voice in our conscience and the times when we are truer to ourselves, and to our pluses and cons“. That’s what we said when we reviewed it track by track about 15 days ago. From then to now, our love for this long play has not ceased to grow.

For the Frog, the two favorite songs are Figure it Out (portrayed in the cover drawing) and New York (portrayed in the illustration bellow).


Alexander Bigg’s New York interpreted by o S A P O m u d o | f r o m t h e F R O G

However for her, every song attracts any ones attention not only because they somehow resemble a Vampire Weekend and Matt Costa vibe, but mainly because they easily connect with the good (and simple) things in life. There is a sweet taste in all the songs, even when they are lyrically a bit dark. It’s like in years we could look back into today and these songs would be the memory of those sweet good times with friends.

And for us, that’s what music is all about. So here it is, once more, Alexander Biggs obligatory EP:

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