MOLLY – Glimpse

Glimpse is a 8-minute long wonder that needs to be heard compulsively.

MOLLY Glimpse New Secret WtMM

Sometimes music is all about contemplation or having a soundtrack for our dreams. Other times, music has the power to takes somewhere else. The best part is the way it can still surprise us, no matter how many songs, bands or concerts we’ve listen too. MOLLY does that to us.

MOLLY are a duo from Innsbruck, Austria with a type of sound we can’t quite describe. We can talk about bands like Sigur Rós but even that comparison would be spot on. The best way to introduce them may very well be the song they just released. Glimpse is the first advance of a 3-track long EP (to be released this winter), and is a complex song which mysterious beginning is only the tip of an enchanting iceberg.

Glimpse is clearly cinematic, but ever evolving and surprising in the way it takes us to places we could not expect to be taken. The video shot at the Thames Valley also helps deliver a mystical and wondrous charge to the track. But is the combination between the sparse echoing vocals and the simplistic post-rock approach that really makes the song spirit. Additionally, the clear evolution throughout the 8-minute long track and the way it clearly morphs into a clear indie-rock instrumental makes of this an unforgettable experience. Ending in a soul-inspiring apocalypse, this is too gorgeous. We can’t even imagine what would be to hear them live.

The Glimpse EP is out 1st December 2017. Having listened to all three electrifying tracks, we could not recommended it more.


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