[TGIF] Songs For Sights

Six tracks matching six genres. The full eclectic weekend experience. These are the best fresh releases.

tgif Songs For Sights

Thank God It’s Friday! These weekend playlist might very well be the better representation of the all the distinct styles of music, we like to write about. From indie-pop to indietronic, to classic soul mixed with sensible folk, and back to the beginning. These six songs are the bread and butter for a perfect weekend.

Mae Muller – The Hoodie Song

Mae Muller debut is with The Hoddie Song, a track that has everything we need modern pop to have. Killer vocals that sound effortless, a collective chilled-back mix of guitars and drums, and a song that is always melodically provocative. She is waiting for someone she can’t get out of her head, a bit like the feeling we get when we reach the end of the track. So easy to press play again.

LOYAL – Lights Up For You

It’s 5 in 5 for LOYAL. There is no other way to put it. Since today, LOYAL are the most posted about band (and one of our first ever new secrets) here at WtMM. And their latest song is another no-brainer. Lights Up For You mixes electronic almost house, with those distinctive vocals and huge amounts of immersive energy. From start to end, a shower, a song to listen to while driving, dancing, and dreaming.

Violetta Zironi – Don’t Make Me a Fool

On the third release we got on board with Violetta Zironi peaceful folk songwriting. Entitled Don’t Make Me a Fool it makes any Friday a proper Friday. The way she works her voice around a sort of classical modern storytelling song fills us with peace and inspiration. And makes us feel there is so much good things with sounding true to the classics. There is certainly bits of Lana Del Rey or Fiona Apple relaxed song compositions, but it also resembles singers like Norah Jones. We are sold. We won’t be fools anymore. Her upcoming EP entitled Half Moon Lane is set to be released on the beginning of 2018. So beware for that!

Lofty Stills – Out Of The Sights

Lofty Stills is the name of the musical project formed by Luke Culbertson and friends. A name that originates in their natural ability for lush instrumentals and yearning vocals. Lofty Stilis reminds us of The Swell Season with bits of Sufjan Stevens, and if these comparisons are not enough for you to listen to their debut album Refrain– (listen here) -, we hope Out Of The Sights will. Gently building, backed up by a soft banjo, a pure folk diamond.

Anushka – Mountains

Anushka are a Brighton indietronic duo Max Wheeler and Victoria Port who release today their latest single entitled Mountains. Mountains is the second advance from their upcoming EP and follows the release of Do You Have Soul one month ago. Mountains is for us the best piece of music they did in years. What they call a psychedelic hip hop track, we call an mandatory indietronic song that not only resonates musically but also lyrically. Mountains is about going beyond obstacles, learning to grow and forgive, and being our own strength. And it sure does the job. And sounds like being free too.

Yellow Days – Is Everything Ok In Your World (Album)

After months and months of holding on, and consistently releasing great songs after great songs, Yellow Days debut album is out today. Is Everything Ok In Your World compiles all the great things we said about Yellow Days: “amazing, raw and intense vocals”, “blood chilling, relatable lyrics”, “soul and vulnerability for days” – into one full and very rewarding album. Having little more to say about this guys brilliance, there are 13 great tracks to listen right below.

Have a great weekend,

WtMM team