[TGIF] Motion Bloom

Get a grip because the weekend is here. These are our contributions to make it smoother and indier.

Magnets Jasper Soan Yip Lewis Capaldi Roo Panes Sharaya Summers Ali Horn TGIF Bloom

Thank God It’s Friday! Well, thank god is weekend really, but you get the point. This week was full of beautiful releases with two extended plays that enter directly to our 2017 favourites. Adding to that, this weekend playlist presents 4 great tracks of distinct styles where the indie spirit is blooming. So, relax, increase the volume of your speakers, and enjoy.

Magnets – Perpetual Motion (EP)

We first introduced Magnets about 6 months ago with the release of Lonely and described it as a “bittersweet voice singing powerfully and sharp and then going softly and quite angelical on the chorus”. Now, and struggling with hearing problems, she still managed to put out a brilliant EP. Dear and Fight are two of the new tracks. Dear is of the purest indie-pop with bits of a rock guitar and an almost uncontrolled vibe of tender rasp vocals. Fight is slower and deeper, sometimes experimental, but always true and intense. Adding to these, Liquor and Somewhere , make of Perpetual Motion, an obligatory EP.

Jasper Sloan Yip – In the Living Room

Jasper Sloan Yip latest single, and advance for his third album (Post Meridien), is the ideal song for a nice Friday. But by saying that we are also understating how good In the Living Room sounds. This is one of those songs that sounds simple, current and familiar. A song to find comfort in. And one that somehow brings back a lot of the influences we listened while growing up. Blending folk, rock and pop, the more we listen to this, the more we acknowledge how ambitious it really is. Come on, just hear that string section cruising the melody.

Lewis Capaldi – Bloom (EP)

There are some things which are just inevitable. Lewis Capaldi is the most inevitable act you’re gonna hear all year. We talked his incredible debut with Bruises , and the impressive follow up with Lost on You, and we even made him song of the month. If we did not talk about the third single, Fade, that was because we were affraid of sounding too repetitive. Well, the debut EP is out with the one more great track called Mercy, so just have them all at once. You’ll thank us later.

Roo Panes – A Message to Myself

It has been awhile since we heard from one of our ever favourite singers, but Roo Panes is back. And what a song he brung along. A Message to Myself seems to be a song about being secure about ourselves. About trying to find a meaning in life and understanding we are it. But is also so much more than that. With obvious marks of Mt. Wolf production, and Roo Panes distinctive voice this is an utterly beautiful track that should be enough to proclame music as the ultimate wonder.

Sharaya Summers – Haunted

If Sharaya Summers debut release with Light Of The Moon was “a serious case of a song that slowly takes us along until we are completely involved around it“, the second is no different. Haunted sounds less Lana, and more Aimee Mann, showcasing her magical vocals, and a natural appetence for 90’s sounding indie pop. This is a song “about the complexities of others peoples expectactions for our lives” she says. We say this sounds revival and current, and reveals a singer to be taken very seriously.

Ali Horn – Bloom

Ali Horn started as a solo project, but soon the demos emerging from a lonely basement started integrating more layers until it became a 5 piece. Bloom is their second single, and the first crossing our way. A song that from the first moment reminds us of great 90’s indie rock from Oasis, but which layers of psychedelic innuendos and echoing guitars push into a very distinct zone. This is a surprising song about loneliness, and the track we gave more spins this entire week.

Have a nive weekend!

WtMM team.