Rob Bravery – Until Tomorrow, Oblivion

Rob Bravery new album is a masterpiece that merges alternative rock, electronic nuances and post-rock into an unique voyage.

Ready to be overwhelmed? Rob Bravery has just released a masterpiece of an album. Entitled Until Tomorrow, Oblivion, was released a couple of hours ago. And is the perfect cross between alternative rock, post-rock and electronic hard-rock.

Rob is an alternative singer/songwriter who grew up in a small town and was always obsessed with music. Soon out of school he managed to live from his skills as a guitarist and drummer. Eventually he began writing and recording his own material. When we say its own, we mean he does everything. Even voices over his own voices. Piano, guitar, synthesisers. You name it. He does it.

Until Tomorrow, Oblivion

M.P.D. is the perfect introduction to the album. Haunting and slowly building. A song that marks a soft but incisive introduction to what to expect from this long play. Vocally spot-on, instrumentally convulsive. Sounds like hearing medicine.

We were fist introduced to Rob’s vibrancy with the masterpiece Homage / Vanished. A song that slowly grows from a place that seems only for the predestined music makers. A song that takes its time, showcasing both epic vocals (sensible, rasp and dramatic) and masterful construction of an indietronic rock background. Sounds both Radiohead and Tame Impala. Sounds like Rob Bravery.

The Morning I Faded to White is a more classical take on Rob’s complex song-writing. Again the sort of haunting background are constant in the song, but is the piano vibrancy and the softness vocals that play the biggest part. Sounds current and classical and pretty unique. Oh and let yourself surprise by the beautiful interludes.

Soon we get to the fifth song, we feel already emerged in Rob Bravery compositions. Paralleleyes also sounds Radiohead-ish, but keeps surprising us with the ways Rob shifts from the constancy into new territories. One moment we are head-banging, the other we are contemplating. There is even time for an almost a Capella drift, before another overwhelming ending where the overlay of vocals sounds just magical.

Pushing the Dirt Around is another more classical expression. It brought to our heads some of Ed Harcourt’s piano compositions and beautiful awkwardness. When we closed our eyes to this one we felt levitating. Do we need to say more?

The song that lands its title to the album is by no means easy to catalog. Post-rock meets alternative rock meets experimental. Until Tomorrow, Oblivion is what the name suggests: the perfect soundtrack for a new beginning. A sort of listening cleaning experience. A song that makes space for dreams.

The last four songs of the album are less surprising but also a welcoming constancy to a voyage that is approaching its end. Own Devices and The Last Thing I Never Do are hypnotic and dramatic, but also experimental odes to love. Make Like a Corpse is a return to a melodic piano-drum construction where the voice is the shifter and the conquerer. And Slow Slow, Quick Quick, Slow is a goodbye song – a post apocalyptical love song that does not shy away from the classical piano chords, post-rock backgrounds and strangely involving rasp-sounding vocal declarations.

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