Janileigh Cohen – Sister

Sister is a beautiful song about family ties which sounds like making the World a better place.

Janileigh Cohen Sister Meeting of the Day WtMM

Sister is Janileigh Cohen newest track, and one of those cases of love at first hearing. Emotional, solid, lyrical and melodic, this is a rare case of a perfect song. In Sister she sings about her familiar connections in an intense and raw emotional way. Just like in previous songs, her vocals, flawless and apparently effortless, are the focus of everything. And we feel grateful she does not shy away from showing it. The backgrounds are of a simplistic Folk (almost with Celtic roots), which only makes the song more rich and personal. Piano and voice are one in Sister, just like the ties she sings about.

Sister is the third consecutive song after her debut EP As a Child. One year ago she released Small Things and Passing Time, two songs that share the same raw emotional vocal approach. One which truth should be told, would make Leonard Cohen very, very proud.