[Best of September] Tomara: Coffee and Toast

Tomara's Coffee and Toast is a composition to make humans reflect and dream. And our pick for the month of September.

Tomara's Coffee and Toast interpreted by o S A P O m u d o | f r o m t h e F R O G

Every month with the help from o S A P O M u d o | f r o m t h e F R O G we select the best song of the month. The selected song is entitled to a special drawing. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Gentle growing compositions and lyrics that speak directly to the heart. This is the magical tendency of Tomara. We said it some weeks ago, and we re-affirm it today. Coffee and Toast his first ever song to be released keeps getting special attention from our ears and heart. The simplicity behind the song and the way it provides space to breath, think and reflect is probably the best thing about it. But musically the song keeps growing the more we listen to it. So there is no way where to go wrong really.

To the Frog, the song transmits feelings associated to a solitary Sunday morning. One where the time seems to stop and you can better taste the day. A space to reflect about life in a more quiet and peaceful way. Fully digital this time, the drawing also reflects Tomara roots into a very typical coffee cup.  One we would find in almost any typical Portuguese grandfathers house.

To also go with it, here is a live version of the song played at Rádio Defusão. His debut album is already out, and as we have heard it fully, many many times, we can only say it is one everyone should get their hands on. Sooner the better.

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