EFA / Escape From Acapulco – Hit & Run

Escape From Acapulco might have delivered one of the most groovy sounds of the year.

Photo by Pierre Cappelaere

EFA a.k.a Escape From Acapulco are a Parisian 4-set synth-pop with huge amounts of funk and disco in their sound. They just released their E.P. Alpha-Expresso a 6-track long wonder (hear it here), recorded at their home studio, which mixes all the aforementioned styles into an eclectic and contagious experience. Trust us, it is groovily good!

One of the tracks included in the EP is the ridiculously engaging Hit & Run. And probably the best way to introduce the song is through its godly video-clip.

Hit & Run entered softly in our heads the first time we heard it, but after a couple of listenings it grew into some kind of a favourite song. The funky electronic chorus is identifiable from distance and since very few times listening to it too. But the best thing about is that as the track grows it never sounds less than what our body can chew. And it is so welcoming to feel that about a song.

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