[TGIF] The Great Whale

The end of the Summer is not always a bad thing. Here are 6 songs to get you in the grooves of Autumn.

Thank God It’s Friday! Well, not quite, but we get back to our weekend playlists with a beautiful mix between  indie-pop and indietronic songs. Expect to be surprised by this six songs that make up for the end of the Summer.

KYLYPSO – Skies Are

Summer has ended yesterday, but we are still in some kind of convalescence. KYLYPSO are the perfect remedy for that. This three-lads band based in London released their second single, and are slowly entering the indie world to make it a better place. Skies Are is filled with familiar styles, focusing on a sort-of falsetto, groovy guitars and some indietronic nuances. Even the slow start sounds nice and smooth!

Yellow Days – I Believe In Love

“Amazing, raw and intense vocals; blood chilling, relatable lyrics; soul and vulnerability for days” we said it once, we said it twice, we say it three times. Yellow Days just keeps on giving, single after single, month after month. I Believe In Love is another pop-esctasic song where his voice sounds weirdly magical, and where the whole package is strangely evolving and a no-brainer. Yes, we do believe in love like this.

Bad Bones – You

It might be no secret by now the way we love electronic music filled with African vibes and unpredictable turns. Well, Bad Bones came to us like a bomb this week. Her new single entitled You, is a masterful modern indietronic track we can’t help to dance along. The Irish artist and producer says the song is “about the nourishment – physical, emotional – we get from other humans … It’s a love song”. It sure gets our unconditional support. This is an indietronic masterpiece that surprises us every time we give it another listen.

Dan Owen – Hideaway

Dan Owen, already considered by many as one of UK’s biggest rising talent, released his third single of the year, and also the most powerful one. Hideaway is a indie-rock song with a sort of western-blues feeling that confers Dan deep voice the central focus (as ever). This is a track that increases it’s cadence and power from beginning to end, and which delivers fully. It is like there is no way out of it.  Chris Cornell would be proud of this.

Outsider – Míol Mór Mara

Contrary to the act name, Outsider is a new Irish indie-rock act that seems to pick up great bits of 80’s rock and mix them with a contemporary song-writing approach. That said, he really sounds like an insider. With everything we love about indie-rock (War on Drugs, The Killers or even Bruce Springsteen) filling the debut song Míol Mór Mara. The song is featured as an official soundtrack on Fifa 18. This means it will be heard by a lot and lot of video-gamers. So, we expect it to go viral. Thank God.

Jesse Jo Stark – Deadly Doll

Breaking our heart, Jesse Jo Stark appeared with Deadly Doll. A song co-written and with the evident trademark of Chris Garcia (Lana Del Rey) and Jason Lytle (Band of Horses). This is a track with an obvious melancholic flow, where Jesse’s vocals are some kind of soft but incisive motivator against adversity. Listen to the sort of western-blues slow background where the guitars and soft drums are the perfect set for the story. Pretty deep, pretty good.

Have a nice weekend!

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