REFS – Fool

REFS new song is an indietronic ballad that makes everything alright.

REFS Fool Meeting Of The Day WtMM

REFS have said previously their sound stands somewhere between 80’s bands like Tears For Fears and modern electronic bands like Justice. And that was the way we were introduced to them when we talked about their previous release, the indietronic banger Spotlight.

Now they return with Fool. Another masterful combination between indietronic simplistic but effective vibes produced by Zachary Lipkins, and the mesmerising vocals of Richard Saunders. Zachary says it is about “that two way street of being in a relationship, both sides of the coin, the with and the without“. We say this is super addictive both in terms of emotional delivery and instrumental sensuality. The layers of voice, intercalated by the sort of 80’s samples, sound both modern and nostalgic. And the track never, ever, drops its power.

REFS are going to release a trio of EPs this year. So you might want to be on the lookout for that: