Hannah Barnett – Patience

Hannah Barnett second ever single, Patience, is another solid track that perfectly mixes indie-pop vocals with tasteful electronic elements.

Two years ago, the Londoner Hannah Barnett released Nails, a solid indie-pop debut which contemplated enchanting vocals and the right amounts of electronic backgrounds. The song reached great exposure all over the web, but we still feel its potential was not fully reached. This is a great track where the vocals are always beautiful, ensuring and lyrical. The chorus feels like it was written by a predestined song-writer. And the way the song includes subtle indietronic elements elevates it to the remarkable level of songs we could listen forever.

Released today, Patience follows the path set up by Nails. It keeps Hannah vocals as the central point of the whole thing. The way the song evolves is strongly tied to a tender connection between vocals and lyrics, once again showcasing Hannah remarkable songwriting skills. But it goes even beyond that. Patience makes us go backwards and remind great songs from interpreters like Imogen Heap. Also in that sense, the amount of electronic tuning applied to the vocals is always tasteful. It never deceives the listener, or shades away from it’s reality and always contributes to a greater song. This is not only a great second track but perhaps Hannah Barnett passport for something greater. We love it.


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