Sam Vance-Law – Prettyboy

Sam-Vance Law debut with Prettyboy is surprising, refreshing and relevant.

Photo by Stephan Talneau
Sam Vance-Law New Secret Prettyboy WtMM

Sam Vance-Law is a Canadian who lived a lot of years in London and Paris before he settled in Berlin. Counting with musical influences like John Grant and Father John Misty, he grew up with the likes of Mac DeMarco. He merged all those with an education background based on English literature and a musical one focused on classical instruments. As a result he describes is music as a kind of orchestral pop.

Prettyboy is his debut single. It mixes all these influences in an honest song which brings us back some of The Smiths spirit. The song is mostly focused on a guitar and piano unexpected transition and Sam’s deep voice (and a not less surprising choir). But the main characteristic about might very well be the way it sounds strangely and overwhelmingly refreshing.

The song is also the first advance from his debut album Homotopia, a title that resulted from a random conversation, to be turned into an album. Regarding Prettyboy both the video and the song are the perfect reflex of an album which is expected to be provocative and fun with a main message:

“The album is about putting issues of equality front and centre. About testing audiences and their abilities to relate to the stories I’m telling. About calling on empathy and compassion as the first and necessary response to a person and his or her situation, not as a luxury doled out sparingly if and when deemed fit.”

With his heart in the right place, from our part we can only say one thing. Let this grow on you! We guarantee you will be obsessed with it very quickly. What a debut.

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