Tomara – Coffee and Toast // For No Reason

Gentle growing compositions and lyrics that speak directly to the heart. This is the magical tendency of Tomara.

Photo by Estelle Valente
Tomara New Secret Portuguese Express For No Reason Coffee and Toast

First things first: there are New Secrets more close to us than others. Be it because they speak directly to our heart or because they share our culture and costumes. Every time we get the chance to present a new Portuguese band or artist we feel we combine both. It’s certainly the case with Tomara.

Tomara (in English: the desire for something to happen) is the wondrous musical project of Filipe Monteiro, Lisbon-based guitar player and song composer, whom seems to enjoy composing rock songs with bits of melodramatic instruments and bags of sensibly-honest lyrics.

The first advance of his debut album (to be released this month) is certainly among the most beautiful songs we heard this year. Coffee and Toast is of gentle composure and good taste. A song built from the basis of a beautiful piano melody softly articulated with brief drums and a Portuguese guitar.

In a minute now, I will speak up“. As soon as we heard these words, we were hooked. It reminded us a bit of Ásgeir‘s first album and its ethereal raw nature . The way the words are composed on top of an ever growing Arcadia of classic instruments is beyond beautiful. This is a song that transcends every single word and note. And one we feel it can be played an absurd amount of times.

For No Reason, the second single released a couple of days ago, is also nothing short of star quality either. More focused on the guitar (the video shows Filipe in the water with his loyal companion), it still keeps the same percussion-based gentle background. And oh boy how this grows… This is another beautiful song that immediately drives the listener to its intensity without ever letting go. In fact, this seems to be the magical tendency in Tomara’s songs. “It’s not enough for you to start a fire“, he sings. It certainly is enough for us to not want to put it out, we say. Before listening to it all again.

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