Mauwe – That’s All

Mauwe is one share away to becoming a viral summer banger. And That's All.

Mauwe are the new dynamic-duo from Bristol who has just release their debut single That’s All.

That’s All is about a accepting a breakup and move on “I’m thinking of you… and that’s all“. This single is so infused with sunny synths and  happy rhythm it gets stuck in your head in a heartbeat. The indietronica influence is quite notorious but in a way it’s hard to draw comparisons. We thought of Carmody in the vocals and Oh Wonder in the instrumentation, but what do you think?

For us, we know this is one share away to become a viral summer banger. And that’s all.

Everyone knows that cathartic space after a relationship when the madness is all over and you’ve had time to think clearly and reflect on the whole thing. That’s​ ​All​ ​is about a beautiful kind of relief, in which you can finally think about a person and not tie any kind of intense emotion to them. Mauwe

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