Mark Elliott – Summer Storm

Summer Storm is Mark Elliott's way of facing a new beginning, but is also a winsome indie pop Summer song.

Mark Elliott just released a song that makes a lot of sense to us here in Portugal. With Summer passing by fast, the weather is turning from warm to thunders and from thunders to cold. Summer Storm makes sense in that way, but also goes beyond that.

Written as a indie-pop song, it merges elements of RnB (sometimes sounding like Raleigh Ritchie) with indie drums and sounding bass. And It is also a catchy song about the proper way of ending toxic commitments. Be it a relationship, a job or a friendship. Mark wrote it as a bouncer from moving out of his ex-girlfriend flat – “That sh*t is better than any therapy“. But for us it makes a lot of sense for all other reasons.

Summer Storm is Mark’s second release of the year after the popish-well-built Good Way, and is a proper Summer song with welcoming indie vibes and a edge capable of filling us with hope of new beginnings. And for that, it deserves to be our Meeting of the day.

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