Chilè – The Rules

You can all chill to this eletro-pop insolent and genius band and their infamous pool party song.

Chilè The Rules WtMM

First of all, what a song!!

Now we have put that out, we should proceed with the proper presentations. Chilè are a London-based electronic-infused Synth-Pop band. They are formed by a very heterogenous group of elements. A Polish singer (from Scoffers), a Czech drummer (from Low Heaven) and a French bassist (from Lilith). Believe it or not they originated from last month’s Glastonbury. Probably just after a pool party or two, they are now a matured band.

Even though they have a two previous – pretty pretty good – releases (the electrifying house-ish Because of Weather, and more the jazzy electronic Every Outline); only now they are disrupting every house rules with their newest single, The Rules.

What seems to start with an alcohol fuelled party news broadcast, rapidly evolves to a very surprising song. The slow-but-continously-evolving paced harmonies between Joulie Fox and Damien Ricaud immediately reminded us of The XX. But those were not the only alert signs for an epic song. The Rules rapidly evolves with the bold dancing moves into a freaking genius mix between pop and electronic flows. Even the “Some of them want to use you” bit taken out of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams sounds like a modern rendition of its meaning. And we don’t judge anybody for singing along the vicious lyrics, as we also lip-sync to “I bet you want to show me how your body works, because the words that come out of your mouth they don’t make sense“. What can we say? We’d probably love to be part of this pool party. The soundtrack is pretty genius.

If some may say Chilè did not want to be taken seriously by putting out this kind of video… Well, for us they’ve just did the opposite. And turned into an highlight of the year.

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