Nathan Ball – Waste of Time

Waste of Time is the latest piano driven single that takes less than 3 seconds to get stuck in your head.

Remember Nathan Ball? This year he has already released a single, Cold Hands, and now he is back. This time, he releases Waste of Time.

Waste of Time is a subtle synth / piano driven single that takes less than 3 seconds to get stuck in your head. This single takes a different direction from his previous works. Once we described him as “the love child of Eddie Vedder and Ben Howard” but right now we’re picking up a Keane kind of vibe. Another relatable yet surprisingly personal single that emanates energy through all pores.

I don’t go for an obvious story or make my songs directly about my experiences. I like to nod to the things I’ve been through but leave space for people to adapt each narrative to their own lives and experiences.Nathan Ball

This single is his most personal because it was written during a crossroads moment for Nathan, and he explains:

I remember as a kid being told not to wish my life away, and that has always haunted me. The idea of creating this persona of someone you wish you were, and living in that dream world and how that would impact the people close to you. I think I needed to get away, somewhere where there was just no pressure. I had left university and didn’t really know what I wanted to do. All my friends were committing to careers but I needed space to understand what this creative force inside me was.Nathan Ball


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