Mullally – She Don’t Know Me

Thursday pick me up express: She Don't Know Me is this summer festivals greatest hit.

Mullally She Don't Know Me Meeting of the Day

In the need of some Thursday pick me up? You came to the right place. Mullally is back and he just released a new single and it starts, continues and ends in a bang.

You may remember Mullally from his three singles released last year. This is an artist that came out of nowhere straight to our favourites list, so you can imagine our excitement when we saw this on Facebook:

This single is so good. It’s not often we’re lost for words, but my brain keeps repeating itself: this is sooooo good. She Don’t Know Me is a dynamic track, fast-paced, and very much “cool” Sam Smith like. The dramatic sudden muffled synth-guitar-drum bams follow his speedy speech and the almost tribal rhythm makes this single a super danceable summer hit!

[su_quote cite=”Mullally” url=””]The meaning behind the song is the slight acknowledgement of someone’s presence but the total dismissal of their importance. It’s about having someone in your life that champions all others. About the energy, the connection and the relationship dynamism that plays between these three people. It’s saying that no one really compares.[/su_quote]

We dare you not to lose your sh*t listening to She Don’t Know Me:

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