The Barr Brothers – You Would Have to Lose Your Mind || It Came To Me

The Barr Brothers return might very well be the most comforting thing about 2017.

The Barr Brothers Meeting of The Day

Has been a while since The Barr Brothers released any new song. From the brutally marvellous Sleeping Operator album onwards, we’ve developed a kind of unconditional love for them. So, a few days back when we got the news of a new song as a preview of a new album, we could not wait to dig into it.

You Would Have to Lose Your Mind is one of those epic health-improving songs which clocking more than 6 minutes of duration, could still play forever. The kind of song that makes for the appropriate soundtrack of our daily lives. It puts in huge amounts of folkiness, merging it with constantly electrifying drums, and a violin-meets-guitar sort of harp (bow to Sarah Pagé). Without a doubt one of 2017 musical highlights. Ultimately, a song with an immeasurable potential to make better persons out of us.

Today, while we were still contemplating this time after time, they released It Came To Me. A song that begins with a banger mix of American guitars and a speedy set of drums, like a perfect modern saloon song. It distils a bluesy rock vibe as the perfect set for the classy maturity of Brad Barr’s voice. The song celebrates the two Barr brothers way of growing older and connect with each other through music. And is as contagious as it gets.

The album entitled Queens of the Breakers (October 13th) properly celebrates a 20-year career. It is said to be “a collection of 11 hypnotically fluid songs that speak to the raw, elemental power of reflection, forgiveness, loss, and growing up”. What can we say? Like the old man in the cover, we can’t wait to walk pass by it, very very slowly. Taking it all in.

Queen Of The Breakers Barr The Brothers Cover

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