Sara Hartman – Dance With A Ghost

Dance with a Ghost shows there is love in letting go.

After a huge 2016, Sara Hartman is back! She featured our Best Songs of 2016 and our Best E.P.s of 2016 and for the looks of it, she’s going to make a presence in 2017’s lists. Dance With A Ghost is her latest release and talks about not dueling with things of the past.

A woman from my hometown once told me that ‘this world is going to hurt you enough, there is no reason to torture yourself over things that have already happened’. (…) After a year and a half of flying around the world playing shows I now know that she was right in a way. Dance with a Ghost for me is about growing into independence, that hopeless romantic love song lyric about how there is love in letting go.Sara Hartman

This single is fast paced, much like her previous Monster Lead Me Home, and folk-pop infused. The back vocal choir (that by now is a constant in Sara’s work) just put an extra humpf to this fun, dancey and inspired song.

The music video that accompanies the single is equally energizing and captures beautifully the sense of freedom in letting go. Check it out:

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