[PREMIERE] Drömstad – Rain

Rain is a gentle and melancholic song about unrequited love which almost sounds like we are lost in a glaciar.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering a new band. Their name is Drömstad and they have their origins in Sweden and England. Amanda Larsson, the vocalist, comes from the lakes of Skövde where dream-pop took a hold of her. The other half, Ned Gartside, learned to play several instruments as he grew up in western England. They met on a ferry in the fjords and started making music together.

They began composing some songs based on keyboards, laptop samples and a tambourine. Soon they finished some songs, they started playing across small venues in London, adding drums and bass with the help of some friends.

Today we premiere their single Rain. A song that from the first bit of sound makes us feel like our heart is right on the tip of our lungs. They see it as a late-nigh song about the conflicts of unrequited love. And we truly feel it, almost like a love longing lullaby, Rain slowly captivates and lingers. With a minimalist piano (inspired by Philip Glass) and Amanda’s melancholic voice, everything works out like a nightly trip to a cold heart.

Following the release of Rain, Drömstad are just finishing mixing their debut EP. For any one interested, this happens with a launch party at Jamboree (London) on Friday 11th August.

For any other information and to keep-up-to-date with any releases you should also follow them on any of the following links:

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