[TGIF] Getting High on Lows

Have you ever seen good things coming out of bad situations? This weekend playlist is packed with recovery anthems.

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Thank God It’s Friday! (Or by that, we mean it’s weekend!). With July going swiftly by this weekend playlist is full of great songs built from less happy moments. In other way, this is the living proof of a playlist that celebrates life on all it’s perspectives. From the inevitable Tender to a one-day-old debuted artist. We hope you get high on these songs:

Lui Peng – Nocturnal

Nocturnal is Lui Peng‘s latest single release and it’s the best possible way to begin the weekend. This is a smooth R&B tune with chill electronics and a deep af back vocal by the one and only Che Lingo. Their work combined creates an underground aura that makes you reenergize and get your cool on for today’s night out.

Georgi Kay – Scary People

Continuing the same cool, electronic, underground vibe, Georgi Kay released six days ago a brand new dark electronic single called Scary People. “It’s about shedding light on the toxicity that surrounds us, reaching out to those who are desperate and suffering in their own way, letting them know that despite the truth that we are living in a scary time, a scary place, amongst scary people – that we must stay strong, fight that fire with fire and keep the love alive, burning always with the hardest flame.”

Oliver Tree – Cheapskate

“Unique vocals” to describe Oliver Tree‘s masterpiece instrument is an understatement. Cheapskate is built upon an atmospheric environment that gains depth, momentum and just a tiny bit of freakyness once he opens his mouth. Electronic, hip-hop-ish, oddly perfect, this is as mysterious and catchy as it gets.

Josh Savage – Ghosts

Josh Savage, in true indie form, is a self-managed, self-produced, independent artist that happens to create amazing indie-folk tunes. His latest one is Ghosts and he’s looking for you to help him out with the music video! Check it out:

Tender – Nadir (acoustic)

We ate WtMM are dope fans of Tender (we’ve written about them an impressive 8 times). Probably what makes them so good is the way they tend to hits right in the jaws with every new song. Eventually we skipped some singles releases like Nadir. Now they made us regret. Yesterday released an acoustic version of it, so simple and deep it leaves us breathless. Nadir is about passing the healthy point of a relationship and they say it’s also how Tender were born. Well, if not selfish, it was so worth it.

Sharaya Summers – Light Of The Moon

Sometimes a classic indie pop song is everything we need to get the weekend on. Portland-based Sharaya Summers‘s Light Of The Moon was released yesterday and is a serious case of a song that slowly takes us along until we are completely involved around it. Sounding more classic than Lana, but less deep than Ryan Adams. This is a great indie ballad and a rare confident debut track.

Have a great weekend,


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