Kamaliza – Zanzibar

Zanzibar is Kamaliza's latest release, and it speaks loud and clear.

Let us start off by introducing this “new” Australian artist, Kamaliza. Kamaliza is the voice to the duo Olympic Ayres who’s gone solo since August last year. His debut single is Zermatt, a minimalist house tune that introduced Kamaliza as a solo artist. It doesn’t fall too apart from his previous work, but it definitely gives him a distinctive sound.

Last week, he released Zanzibar. This is a single that flows more towards an electronic, R&B spiced, melodic vibe.

I woke up feeling extra inspired one morning in mid-January this year. It took me about five hours to complete the bulk of the song; when a song writes itself so quickly it’s usually a great sign. Most importantly is that I felt so emotionally connected to the song.Kamaliza

Kamaliza felt emotionally connected to the song and so did we. What he stated (above) is definitely true. It’s easy to understand Zanzibar is a single that made sense from the first second it came to his mind. The composition of instrumentals and the complementarity of his vocals, that add the warmth that really accentuates the song, is absolutely brilliant. Even more brilliant is the way they used a machine – deprived of feelings – as centerpiece of the music video. This dichotomy speaks strong words of direction and emotion, and we get it. Loud and clear.

The song is about taking the next step in the direction you feel you were destined for, even if that means saying goodbye to those that you care about. I believe there are unknown forces that guide us; in this tangible world of science and fact, it’s the unknown that I’m learning to trust… I’ve come to realize that although fear is a necessary, evolutionary response, if you let it get in the way of your focus it can cripple you. However, when a healthy amount of fear sits parallel with passion and reverence for your chosen field, it’s a winning combination. ‘Zanzibar’ aims to capture that feeling.Kamazila

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