Jimi Charles Moody – Shame

Shame is without a doubt the most feel-good song about a bad situation, we've heard all year. And a no-brainer of a soul track.

Jimi Charles Moody Shame Meeting of the Day

All or nothing, all or nothing. Jimi Charles Moody, or as many may know him, the groovy man with the mask, just released his second single of the year entitled Shame. But the only shame there is that this is not broadcasted worldwide on every radio, on every street, on every house. It’s rare the case where there are not much words to describe a song. Here we will try our best: Shame is a result of a perfect composition, an overall surreal voice, and extreme good-taste and good-feeling vibes. It is super melodic and jazzy. It talks about love and not regretting loving one another (even if that makes us sad). And is everything we would need to hear to get up smiling and go to bed fulfilled.

The only shame about this, is that until now is only available on Spotify. But just open it, and put it on repeat. Come again Jimi Charles Moody.

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