Goldwash – Why Hide It

Goldwash's Why Hide It is an explosive yet chilled indietronic ride into the sunset.

Picture by Zach Bell.

If you remember Outlaws by Ed Thomas, and – most importantly – if you enjoyed it, then this one is for you! Goldwash‘s latest release is Why Hide It which is taken from his upcoming Episode E.P..

Goldwash is a London-born, Baltimore-raised, LA-residing songwriter. His PR explained that he calls his sound “Existential Funk,” because “jazz-infused indie-electronic baroque-soul” was a bit too much of a mouthful. But we dig it. Both the description and the new single.

The initial trumpets take immediately the single home, and then the vocals kick in. It’s a chilled, upbeat and greatly composed tune. It evokes both the classic vocal tricks and the jazz ambiance but wraps everything into an explosive yet chilled indietronic effort.

I wrote this song with my friend DJ Stanfill. We tried to capture twisted, seedy energy of a wild basement party with honest lyrics and heavy instrumentation. The song is lustful, and uses thick, 12-part saxophone harmonies and Lex Luger strings to get at that woozy, hard-driving feeling.Goldwash

Goldwash has a few tricks up his sleeve that will be revealed later this summer. Keep an eye on him on his socials:


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