SAATSUMA – Isolate || Stay

SAATSUMA are a gorgeous and abundant constance of indietronic risk.

SAATSUMA are a Melbourne duo, who portrait the ideal merge between electronic and indie. Having released two songs last year (the calmer Storm and the fulfilling Floating), they have just stepped up their game. In the last 4 months they released two new singles which work as proper anticipations of their debut album (August this year).

The first song entitled Isolate showcases them is a sort of evolution from Chvrches. And we say this in the best way possible and as confessed lovers of this band. Encompassed by the very dedicated and gentle vocals of Memphis Kelly, the song is also completely based on an electronic setup. But my no means, a less softer or gentle one. The rich subtleness of it all, and the way it merges with a modern 80’s feeling, is what favours it the most. And again the vocals are like whispers to the soul. Good taste above all.

If Isolate provides the ideal introduction SAATSUMA, Stay is a step in the experimentalism we can only adore. Showcasing darker ambiances and rhythms, this track is a gorgeous and abundant constance of indietronic risk. They say it explores “the irrationality of desire and the process of losing yourself in a fight to obtain the unattainable“. And it makes sense. We’d say this sounds like an irrational masterpiece.

We can’t wait to dive in their debut album, and will keep on following them on their pages:


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