TGIF – Motions Parade

Trust us on this one, this selection of fresh released songs (and album) will look you straight in the eyes.

Shoffy, Siv Jakobsen, Tracy Irve, Swimmig Tapes, LOYAL, and Jaymes Young
tgif Shoffy Siv Jakobsen Tracy Irve Swimmig Tapes LOYAL Jaymes Young

Thank God it’s Friday. And contrary to what my look like from the photo illustrating this beautiful selection of music, these are tracks to look right in the eyes. With Summer bursting through windows and bodies, we’ve manage to compile one of the most relaxing weekend soundtracks ever. Combining the right amounts of electronic with genius sets of pop, rock and folk, we hope we manage to hook you on this very very recent track-list of Summer vibes.

Shoffy – Motions

July is right on the corner, the air is smelling Summer more than ever. What do we need? Some good indie beachy folk. And Shoffy got our back. Motions is their latest release and it feels paradise to us. The back vocals, the subtle electronics, the lightweight vibe. Not only this weekend, but all Summer long, we can definitely see this song playing in every speaker available.

Siv Jakobsen – Shallow Digger

Shallow Digger is Siv Jakobsen’s latest release, taken from her upcoming album due on August 25th 2017, The Nordic Mellow. This is a strong and very powerful single that puts Siv in our top to watch during the following months. Shallow Digger has such a strong cinematic character that we are taken by a kind surprise when she starts to sing. And we let ourselves be submerged in the storm she created.

Tracy Irve – Feel Me

After the release of the Strip E.P. we so promptly adored and their last single, Keep Me Close, Tracy Irve are back with new music.  Feel Me is the Swedish duo’s latest single and it fits perfectly as the follow up to Keep Me Close. It is this melancholic feel to their songs that make them geniuses. You see, Tracy Irve are able to put a sparkling twist to melancholy with their dreamy electronics and ethereal vocals. This single is one to keep on repeat this weekend on our agenda.

Swimming Tapes – Queen’s Parade

Ready to feel the good vibes of a Friday? Ready to revive those old childhood memories? Swimming Tapes provide their public service two days ago with the release of Queen’s Parade, a song that brings back those old sweet memories. But that’s not all. This track also focus on that beautiful indie rock flow typical of Summer festivals where one can grab a beer and sit on the grass. No trouble, no pain, just relax and enjoy.

LOYAL – Reset in Colour

We’ve been as loyal to LOYAL as we can. They are among our favorite indietronic choices for longer than a year, and they keep the flow going with great songs after great songs (1,2,3). Every time pushing beyond the stereotypes of where the indie stars and the electronic ends, they are masters of good felt ambiance and catchy anthems. Reset in Colour is the ideal song to take for the weekend. Drive away, stretch on the sofa, get some dancing going on. No matter what. Mandatory soundtrack right here.

Jaymes Young – Feel Something

Sometimes a debut album is just a collection of previous releases and even though that’s great, there is no more potential in the album. Others, it’s James Young. Feel Something is a pop masterpiece, that blows up the scale at every song. Of course all the hits James Young released in the last two to three years are there. But the best thing is. There are no minor songs. Every track is solid. And so, so good, it feels unreal. And truly we have no favorite songs. Have them all. You’re welcome!


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