Elkkle – Diderot

Elklle reveals himself to us in a weirdly-perfect way, very hard to forget.

Elkkle Diderot New Secret review

Unusual? For sure. Strange? Yes. Good? Definitely, very good. Melbourne based Elkkle, self-proclaimes as a “beat making loner who is unapologetically passionate about music”. And even though we believe in his words, we were more convinced after experiencing the bunch of distinct feelings emerging from watching and listening to his most recent song, Diderot.

What begins with some high quality pop-rock vocals, somewhat reminding us of Bastille, and a very unusual video, rapidly evolves into a multitude of depths. Soon we can notice, the vocals turn into a sort of unusual-rythmic rap (Drake, are you there?). While the video creeped the hell out of us in the beginning, we rapidly grew fans of it. So much we feel it is easily among the best video-clips of the year.

The odd-looking interpreter and the wieird-looking dance, allied with the unseen camera variations, provides the song with the ideal visual track. The almost bipolar and schizophrenic song variations are a pure phenomenon to our ears. And the more we hear it, the more addicted we get. It’s inevitable to say that when it ends it’s not easy to constrain ourselves from pressing that repeat button.

Even though the song lyrics have a scientific inspiration: “The Diderot Effect observes the tendency for people to buy things that compliment their identity, and when they buy things that demonstrate a shift in their identity, a spiral of consumption can follow as they seek to abandon anything that no longer aligns with that identity.”. The video is not much more than a rythmic interpretation: “it focuses on an isolated figure that embodies the energy and emotion in the song, rather than a character ‘performing’ or telling you their story”. Confusing? Maybe. But this is as good and as weird a song can get. And we are too much into it to let it go gently.

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