Monday – Yo-yo

Mondays come and go. This one is here to stay.

Photo by Rita Coroado, illustrated by Manuela Peixoto

Making the most out of the fact that today is Monday, we introduce a new project with the same name. Monday is the new project headlined by Catarina Falcão, half of the folk-rock band Golden Slumbers. A project that will be sure to provide some headlines on the Portuguese indie scene, and that we really want everyone to hear about.

Illustration by Manuela Peixoto

Monday seems to be a project that mixes a very lyrical folkish-rock basis with beautiful illustrations. The debut song Yo-yo, does a great job in introducing that combination. And the official artistic video goes along that same idea. Song-wise we really enjoy the way the song is guided by the beautiful and sensible voice of the front girl. Catarina Falcão voice flourishes naturally throughout a track characterised by a rich build up of 90’s rhythms. The way Yo-yo gently alternates between folk and rock ambiances, without ever loosing the focus on the vocals, is pretty remarkable. In fact, the song title does make sense both lyrically and based on the song structure. And the best way to make it justice is to play it on repeat. A fair amount of times. Yo-yo seems to never quite end. And we like that a lot.

Although we expect to follow them closely, for more news on Monday, follow them also on the below links:

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