[TGIF] Hunting Vices

Haim are back to flawless songs, and so are other five rising acts!

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To kick right in the weekend in the best way possible, this playlist is strong on good-feelings. Five artists we spoke about before and another solid return of HAIM, a symbol of modern indie music. Because we do like the classics but can’t help to share the news on the emerging talents. We recommend you press play on all of them, relax, and let your weekend start in the best way possible.

RUMOURS – Hunter

Since we wrote about RUMOURS debut EP, one year has passed. They seem to have used that year in the best way possible, as their new single released today and entitled Hunter, still echoes on the basics of the first releases but goes much further. Even more electronic but in a very contained fashion, the song sounds almost like a mix between classic 80’s rock ballads, Jessie Ware sensuality and recent indietronic elements. The result is a great modern ballad with every flow in the right place.

HAIM – Want You Back

The HAIM sisters are back in the best form possible to expect. The drum-guitar-riff structure is still there (thank god), the voice is still spot on, the back vocals are still valuable, and Want You Back still sounds like everything is great with the world. The melody, the chorus, the claps, the soft twists, we are into HAIM as much as ever.

Joël Lobban – Stuck With Me

Ready for some indietronic meets RnB dance swing? The remarkable Joël Lobban released his second ever single today and is another quality mixture of genres. From the composition of vocal samples to the subtle but rich electronic elements, to the natural dancing vibe. Good, good, good!

Junior Empire – I Know

We are suckers for Junior Empire. O said it when we reviewed their latest EP. I Know, their latest single was released a couple of days ago and just got a video. The best part about the song is the way we feel that we know it since forever. Summer feelings all the way through, and the sunset feeling continues there. We just want to play it and drive away from the city as a proper Friday evening.

RKCB – Vice

We’ve talked about RKCB many times before. We described them as “music machines in the making”. And singles like Future Being, Baptize, and their latest EP In Contrast got us craving for more of their indietronic well-oiled machinery. Well, Vice was just released and will leave not only RKCB fans very very pleased but also has the potential to gather them huge amounts of new fans. The brutal eletronic ambience introduced on top of the ever pleasing voice, and mostly the huge amount of melodies put into the song, makes Vice a wonder. We can’t get enough of it.

VÉRITÉ – Somewhere In Between (LP)

To further kick-start the weekend, we also suggest VÉRITÉ debut album Somewhere In Between. Released yesterday, is one for the modern pop lovers with its combination of indietronic and tasteful pop. Songs like When You’re Gone, Death of Me, Bout You, Floor, and Control attest for her potential to be a reference in modern music. Sometimes resembling pop singers like Tove Lo, others getting closer to indie symbols like Haim or Jessie Ware, VÉRITÉ debut album is one to not take lightly.

Have a nice weekend,
With Love,
WtMM Team