WIINSTON – Canada & Mio

Explicitly sexy and overwhelmingly surprising. WIINSTON first two tracks are remarkable.

WIINSTON, just like that, in capital words, are a Danish duo (Alfred Thomas, Daniel Wagtmann) packed with electronic, RnB and provocateur vibes.

They released their second single entitled Mio some days ago after debuting with the more popish Canada earlier this month. But first things first, Canada sounds at first like a The Weeknd tune. But soon we dive more into it, we feel it relies more on electronic hooking rhythms and a sort of African vibes. Probably the greateast quality in Canada is the way the song works out as an unpredictable mix of styles. A noticeable mix of quality. “We’re driving up town, we can go to Canada, we don’t even get along”. You will be singing along in an instant.

If Canada is an already convincing introduction to WIINSTON, well we were not expecting the explosive second single. Entitled Mio, this song is all about provoking sexual feelings through music. “A short story told in a superficial universe where materialism and fleshly desires makes the engine run“. And they provide an appropriate explicit video-clip to go along with it. We won’t go around the true taste of Mio, or ignore it’s geniality. It continues to mix electronic elements with a solid vocal that goes in and out of a simply genius hiphop cadence. While the female vocals gives the track that extra sensual edge, the chorus sticks inside our heads like an intimal desire for something else. Oh and there is also an electronic guitar to finish it off, in abs0lute brilliance.

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