Meadowlark – Body Lose

Body Lose is another lovely song from Meadowlark we cannot and will not resist.

Meadowlark Body Lose meeting of the day

We written many many beautiful things about Meadowlark (you can read them here, here, here, or here). We have inclusively dedicated some of their songs to each other (me and Beatriz) as both their songs lyrics are special for us, an they started their career soon WtMM started.

It’s only natural that every-time they release a new song we might be specially hyped. What is not normal is the way they always manage to keep the same Meadowlark vibe. At the same time as they manage to tenderly surprise us with every song.

Body Lose was released last Friday and is another single taken out in advance for Postcards (30th June). But is above all a beautiful melodic song where everything sounds like an hug to the soul. Constantly built around the insanely tender vocals of Kate McGill, the chorus of Body Lose is among the most additive and beautiful things we heard all year. Body Lose destiles good taste, sensitivity and everything that turns music into love. Just hear it. We swear it will make your body lose.

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