Kate Lomas – Ecstasy

Can you imagine getting high on a 0£ budget? Kate Lomas's got your back.

Ecstasy Kate Lomas

Almost a year later from the release of her debut EP Let’s Just Be, Kate Lomas is back. Ecstasy is her latest release and it’s a gem. This single was co-written and produced by Guy Britton with a budget of 0£… Can you imagine?

Ecstasy is an ethereal pop banger of a tune that promises to take over your Summer. The smooth synths keep hypnotizing us, the finger snaps invite us to dance along and Kate’s voice echoes after the song is over. We got brilliantly high on this Ecstasy.

With Ecstasy I was inspired by the idea of paradise and fantasy and the whole concept of escapism. I wanted to paint this picture of a different world – like a paradise – where you really experience the feeling of letting go.Kate Lomas

2017 is going to be a busy year for Kate! She another single coming out in 2017 and, together with Ecstasy, it is an incredible audiovisual project. She worked with Silvijah Gec who has photographed all the pictures for the release of this project. We’re talking about pictures to every lyrics of both songs that create an immersive environment. Kate also has lots of live shows, so make sure to follow her on her socials to keep posted on it:

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