Ashdown – Looking Back

A trumpet, an electronic beat, a pop voice with a soul kick? Ashdown has it all.

Ashdown Looking Back

For all you electronic-trumpet lovers and Marian Hill fans we introduce Ashdown. Looking Back is his new single, released a week ago. This song is both sultry soul and provocative RnB. All of this comes to surface as soon as the soothing, seductive bass kicks in.

Ashdown is a singer-songwriter and producer from London that focuses on creating deep electronic sounds, always incorporating a soul component in his works. Proof of that are the amazing Stutter and the more recent (and more upbeat) Where It Hurts.

[su_quote cite=”Ashdown”]I think this track maybe has a bit more attitude to it then my other music. This song in general terms is about how not knowing something or forgetting about something can be a good thing.[/su_quote]

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