Olivia Grace – Shoestrings

We entered Olivia Grace dark and light pop carousel and we feel haunted by her complex voice.

Olivia Grace is a 21 year old singer who somehow sounds like a mixture between the lighten-up pop rhythms of Lily Allen and the darker pop bits from Lorde and Lana Del Rey. But first things first, her voice is what can guarantee her a strong position in today indie’s music. Deep, raw and melodic in the right proportions. She alternates between mysterious and a sort of seriousness, not common in someone so young.

With two releases to date, the most recent one one, Shoestrings, came out a week ago and found the immediate way to our ears and hearts. Using classic elements, indietronic beats and employing a sassy ambience to it all, this song is like a game of words which gently sticks to our brains. Everything makes sense, just like shoestrings.

It comes out 8 months after her first track Blackbird, which also gets us jingle by itself. Olivia graceful vocals are hypnotic, and the up and down carousel feeling around the song is above tasteful. Everything gets even more magical when considering Olivia almost angelic figure. And the way she works around that to build herself into much more. “Into the jungle, into the wild”, this is Olivia Grace.

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