[TGIF] Cigarettes After a Work Week

It's finally the weekend. And we have a new playlist for you. Enjoy these 8 selected picks just for the beginning of June.

We have been having a tough, super busy couple of weeks, we’re not gonna lie. That’s why we have not published any TGIFs in the past few weeks, and the lack of consistent posts is also kind of obvious. In order to make things right, today we are publishing a 8-track long TGIF with brand new songs from May and June that we didn’t got the chance to share with you.

Lucy Rose – No Good At All

Our favourite flower of all times is back with a brand new single. No Good At All is Lucy Rose‘s latest contribution to her third record Something’s Changing and was released May 24th. The album will be released on July 7th and will be available alongside a documentary charting Lucy‘s adventure across South America last year. Close your eyes and be swept away with Lucy’s tenderness.

Cigarettes After Sex – Each Time You Fall In Love

Soft whispers, beautiful melodies… Cigarettes After Sex are spoiling us! Each Time You Fall In Love is the third single taken from the upcoming album, followed by K. and Apocalypse, due June 9th. “[It’s] mostly about how I was never able to find myself completely satisfied with any romance or love affair that I had been through,” lead singer Greg Gonzalez said via a press release. “It was as if I was always on the lookout for something more and it had gotten me into plenty of trouble over time.

Rival Cavves – Ez Way Out

Rival Cavves are two indie musicians whose collaboration picks up the best from indie pop mixing 80’s and 90’s simplistic electronic beats into cool vibes. The first released and head track of the EP, Ez Way Out, is in fact a masterful song which builds up the more we listen to it. The relaxed electrical acoustic guitar provides the umbilical cord to the whole song, and the lead singer vocals are spot on.

Cloves – California Numb

Cloves is back with her hauntingly deep voice, and there is no way where to go wrong. California Numb reminds us of a lot of modern singers (like Adele or even Amy Winehouse) but continues Cloves trademark on rocky ambiences and honest lyrical vocal focused songs. We feel everything but numb about her power. Great song.

ROOM8 feat. The Sound Of Arrows – Just You & I

Feeling the Summer already? ROOM8 and The Sound Of Arrows released today a super appropriate cooler for the months to come. Hit play, drive along the coast, or let it play throughout a hot night. The romantic Kavinsky meets Blood Orange vibes make this a stunner.

Opia – Devil in Disguise

This fiery tune was released yesterday (June 1st) and is already one of our go-to song to pick up the mood and make ourselves dance a little. Opia are opening for Marian Hill in their DOWN Tour and still managing to put out new music. Respect! Devil in Disguise is the second track from their upcoming EP – we’ll keep an eye out for that one!


Back in March we told you about Wens and her amazing singles; now Wens tells you about what is on her mind… Literally. In yet another addicting semi electronic, semi dream-pop tune, Wens says “i accidentally caught feelings, wrote a song about my feelings that gave me confidence to confess my feelings, got rejected, but felt fine about it because at least i was honest”.

Joy Downer – Stranger Places

Stranger Places is taken from Joy Downer’s latest EP Radio Dreamer, where it occupies first track position. This is an indie-pop tune that’s meant to brighten up your day. It’s impossible to be indifferent to Joy’s cheerful vocal and to the positive ambiance created by the surrounding sonority. If you enjoyed this track, make sure to check out their EP in the link above.

With love,
WtMM Team.

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